Our Services

At TVGMedia we believe actions speak louder than words.

T.V.G Media Productions provides full support throughout the media production project. Where you have concerns about budget, we work with you to leverage the most service for your money. We work hard to bring a professional to our project in knowledge of equipment, technique, and customer service.

Full Production

We provide FULL PRODUCTION services to the Entertainment industry. From lighting, sound and rigging to staging and video productions. Our first class services can cover your whole event. We have racked up experience all over the world – designing sets, delivering installations, managing events and making sure everything goes without a hitch, no matter which continent we’re on. We have the best team that suits all clients need from start to end.

Digital Media

We produce, shoot, edit, and deliver creatively crafted and compelling video content across any medium including television, film, web, and social media.

We promise to consistently deliver captivating video content to your target audiences on time and on budget. From concept development to post-production, we will develop and execute your project to the highest standard of production quality to yield groundbreaking results.

at tvg medial productions we specializes in producing a wide range of projects:

Video Productions

❐ Full Films
❐ Commercials
❐ Online Ads for Social Media
❐ Web Marketing
❐ Testimonials and Spokesperson Videos
❐ Narrative Pieces and Case Studies
❐ Training Videos and Product
❐ Demo, PSAs for Nonprofits
❐ Presentations for Galas and Trade Shows etc.

Pre-Production Services

❑ Talent and Crew Acquisition
❑ Equipment Acquisition
❑ Location Scouting
❑ Concept Development
❑ Production Planning
❑ Treatment & Script Development
❑ Scheduling
❑ Production Document Preparation
❑ Set Construction
❑ Wardrobe Support

Production Services

❏ Production Management
❏ Directing
❏ Video and Audio Recording
❏ Lighting Setup & Management
❏ Electrical Setup & Management
❏ Makeup Application
❏ Wardrobe Support
❏ Set and Prop Management
❏ Meals and Craft Services Support
❏ General Production Assistance

Post-Production Services

❒ Music Selection & Creation
❒ Video Editing
❒ Text and Graphics Design
❒ Video Compressing Encoding
❒ Video Distribution
❒ Animation and Special Effects
❒ VO/Narration
❒ ADR and Foley recording